Portland Fruit Tree Project

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Portland Fruit Tree Project is a grass-roots non-profit organization that provides a community-based solution to a critical and growing need in Portland and beyond: Access to healthy food. By empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of urban fruit trees, we are preventing waste, building community knowledge and resources, and creating sustainable, cost-free ways to obtain healthy, locally-grown food. Because money doesn’t grow on trees… but fruit does!

"We organize people to gather fruit before it falls, and make it available to those who need it most. We register fruit and nut trees throughout the city, bring people together to harvest and distribute thousands of pounds of fresh fruit each year, and teach tree care and food preservation in hands-on workshops."

Portland Fruit Tree Project & Founder/Director Katy Kolker featured as 'Everyday Heroes' on KATU news:


Harvest Program Updates

So far this year we've completed 90 harvesting events, and picked and distributed 35,791 pounds of fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste! 

The harvest season goes through November, so there are still plenty of opportunities to particpiate! If you or someone you know is interested in joining our efforts to collect food which would otherwise be wasted, share it with those in need and generally have a great time doing so, check out our Harvest Programs page for more info. Our harvest parties are open to anyone wishing to participate!

Thanks! We hope to see you soon! 


Upcoming Events

  • 10-02-15. Harvesting Party

  • 10-03-15. Apple Orchard Harvesting Party

  • 10-03-15. Bike-Powered Harvesting Party

  • 10-07-15. Harvesting Party

  • stuart testing

  • 10-10-15. Pear Orchard Harvesting Party

  • 10-14-15. Harvesting Party

  • 10-17-15. Harvesting Party

  • 10-17-15. Fruits of Diversity Community Orchard Work Party: Pathway Installation

  • 10-18-15. Sabin Community Orchard Work & Learn: Fall Pest & Disease Management

  • 10-21-15. Harvesting Party

  • 10-24-15. Gabriel Orchard Work Party :: Putting the Orchard to Bed for the Winter

  • 10-24-15. Parkrose Community Orchard Fruit Tree Planting Party

  • 10-24-15. "National Food Day" Harvesting Party

  • 10-25-15. Fall Tree Care: Pest & Disease ID and Assessment Workshop

  • 10-25-15. Orchard Banquet #6

  • 10-28-15. Harvesting Party

  • 10-31-15. Bike-Powered Harvesting Party

  • 10-31-15. Harvesting Party

  • 11-15-15. Bike-Powered Harvesting Party