Portland Fruit Tree Project Receives Gift Award From Troy-Bilt in Support of Community Orchards


April Jamison, Orchard Programs Coordinator

Troy-Bilt logo imagePortland, OR, July 11, 2016 Troy-Bilt, the official Outdoor Power Equipment Sponsor of Planet In Action and its Do It America Series of activities, has made it possible for community service organizations across the U.S.  to select from four award packages to help them in their lawn care, gardening and clean-up activities.

Portland Fruit Tree Project has selected to receive the “Garden Plan” Package, and will utilize the 4-cycle cultivator and two Long Handled Hoes to support their community orchard program. “We’re so grateful to organizations like Troy-Bilt,” says Orchard Programs Coordinator April Jamison, “who generously support our efforts to strengthen community through beautifying our collective environment. Thank you, Troy-Bilt!”

In 2016, over one million volunteers will come together to make their communities cleaner, healthier and safer with the support of Planet In Action and its Sponsors and Partners. “Our Community Partners rally volunteers to focus on their local Green Bucket List, and address the unmet community improvement needs of their local neighborhoods,” said Planet In Action CEO and Chief Mission Leader Gail Cunningham.

Aside from green-up and beautification, many other important activities will take place across America, and in other countries such as Northern Ireland, Costa Rica and Canada as part of Planet In Action’s programs, including cleaning up waterways and shorelines, refurbishing public playgrounds, abating graffiti, conducting recycling activities, hosting litter-free events, clearing illegal dumpsites, and holding educational workshops.


About Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt is proud to be a sponsor with Planet In Action and help support the community improvement activities of volunteer organizations across the United States.  Whether through various greening initiatives, environmental education or volunteer engagement programs, it is heart-warming for us to see Troy-Bilt products used for activities that improve the quality of life and economic vitality of local neighborhoods. Barbara Roueche-Sr. Mgr. Marketing Communications, Troy-Bilt LLC.

About Planet In Action

Launched in early 2014, Planet In Action is a collaborative umbrella nonprofit organization that addresses community improvement needs of today, and environmental issues of tomorrow. It was created to provide essential services and in-kind to community improvement organizations, and is designed to complement and support the ongoing work of service organizations, both in the U.S. and other selected international locations.

Its mission is to help improve and sustain the planet community-by-community, by utilizing local activation, essential tools and high technology to catalyze, excite and intensify the activities of volunteers worldwide to achieve measurable local impact. Planet In Action focuses on advocacy, community improvement and environmental education to support community action, impact volunteer activities and achieve sustainable efforts that will help improve the world in which we live for generations to come. For more information, visit www.planetinaction.org.