Large Orchard Harvests: Suspended For The 2017 Season

***Suspended For The 2017 Season***

Occasionally, PFTP moves outside the Portland city limits to harvest at commercial orchards in Amity, Hillsboro, Hood River, etc. In some cases, we provide assistance in coordination transportation. In others, we rely on you and your enthusiasm to hitch or provide a ride to fellow harvesters!

Large Orchard Harvests are hosted in partnership with Oregon Food Bank, which provides the necessary bins to transport the hundreds - and more frequently, thousands - of pounds of fruit that can be donated from these events. They are also longer events, typically lasting five hours from start to finish, with a brown bag lunch break in between. We do not provide lunch or snacks, but we can promise that you’ll go home with multiple pounds of fruit every single time.

As you may suspect, Large Orchard Harvests can accommodate a couple to a few dozen people, given the size of the space. Children are still welcome provided they can stay for the event duration. As always, they must be supervised.

Every event that we coordinate is an investment of our time and resources, from staff to volunteers to vehicles to tools and beyond. We work hard to find the best trees out there for harvest, so you can go home with delicious fruit while helping us prevent waste close to home. In exchange for a beautiful outdoor event experience, we ask harvest participants for a $5-$25 donation to help cover the costs of each harvest event, and support our future in continuing to bring Portlanders together through fruit.