Group Harvests: Suspended For The 2017 Season

***Suspended For The 2017 Season***

Our Group Harvests are like Urban Harvests, but even more focused on getting fruit to people who need it most. Through this event, we partner with an organization serving a low-income clientele, to provide a harvesting experience for that same clientele.

When it comes to how we distribute the fruit, a Group Harvests offers a bit more flexibility. The partner organization and its clientele can donate all the fruit, take it back to their headquarters, divide it up amongst event participants, or any combination therein. Portland Fruit Tree Project can commit to dropping fruit at one donation location within close proximity of the harvest if desired.

Group Harvests can be customized to meet a wide variety of clientele, including children, adults, seniors, ESL speakers and individuals with intellectual disabilities, provided that adequate support and/or supervision can be provided by the partner.

In the past several years, we have partnered on these events with organizations like Sisters of the Road, Neighborhood House, Bienestar de la Familia, JOIN, ROSE CDC, Hacienda CDC, Central City Concern, The Portland Kitchen, and Neighborhood House.

Every event that we coordinate is an investment of our time and resources, from staff to volunteers to vehicles to tools and beyond. We work hard to find the best trees out there for harvest, so you can go home with delicious fruit while helping us prevent waste close to home. In exchange for a beautiful outdoor event experience, we ask our Group Harvest partners for a $60-$100 donation to help cover the costs of each harvest event, and support our future in continuing to bring Portlanders together through fruit.