Community Orchard Harvests

Community Orchard Harvests are a collaborative event between both our Harvest and our Community Orchards Programs. Harvest Leaders and Orchard Stewards combine forces to lead harvests at each of our five community orchard sites.

These harvests are similar to Urban Harvests, except that they take place at one orchard for the full event, and can accommodate more than a dozen people. Because our Community Orchards are well-cared for by our fantastic team of Orchard Stewards with support from PFTP, the trees are also much lower in height, which means they’re much more accessible and child-friendly.

Families in particular are encouraged to attend Community Orchard Harvests, as long as supervision is provided for any children in attendance.

Every event that we coordinate is an investment of our time and resources, from staff to volunteers to vehicles to tools and beyond. We work hard to find the best trees out there for harvest, so you can go home with delicious fruit while helping us prevent waste close to home. In exchange for a beautiful outdoor event experience, we ask harvest participants for a $5-$25 donation to help cover the costs of each harvest event, and support our future in continuing to bring Portlanders together through fruit.