Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some of the ways you can volunteer with the PFTP:

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If you have particular skills or services you would like to contribute, please contact Katy to discuss the possibilties: katy [at] / 503-284-6106. Thank you!

Become a Tree Scout

Tree scouts work in their own neighborhoods to register productive and underutilized fruit trees! This is a fun opportunity to serve as a vital liaison between PFTP and fruit tree owners in your area. We provide all necessary training and materials.This volunteer position begins in mid June and ends at the end of October of each year. 
Join us for our 2015 East Portland Tree Scouting Day events!
Read more and sign up here for the Sat. July 11th event.
Read more and sign up here for the Sat. July 15th event
Questions? Please call 503-284-6106 or send an email to
bob[at], with the subject line 'Tree Scout interest' and we'll be sure to follow up with you. 

Participate in a Harvesting Party

Harvesting parties bring people together to pick fruit that might otherwise go to waste, and make it available to people in need. These events are a fun and easy way to get involved with the PFTP. Our harvest season begins in early July and ends in late November. Click here for more info about harvesting parties.

Participate in a Community Orchard work-party

Please visit our Community Orchards page for more info about the program and volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer as a Fruit Monitor

Fruit Monitor volunteers serve as an important role in the harvest planning process.  Fruit Monitors will conduct site visits at registered tree sites to assess the quality, quantity, and ripeness of fruit so that we can determine if and when to schedule a harvesting party.
We're currently accepting applications for 2015 Fruit Monitor volunteers! If you're interested in volunteering as a Fruit Monitor in 2015, please call 503-284-6106 or send an email to bob[at], with the subject line 'Fruit Monitor interest'. We'll be sure to get you an application right away!

Volunteer as a 'PFTP Ambassador'

As a PFTP Ambassador, you will represent the Portland Fruit Tree Project at outreach events. If you enjoy talking with people and want to help promote the work of the Portland Fruit Tree Project, outreach events are a great way to volunteer!
The application deadline for our 2015 PFTP Ambassador was February 28th. If you are still interested in volunteering as an Ambassador in 2015, please call 503-284-6106 or send an email to outreach[at]

Teach a workshop

PFTP workshops are taught by experienced volunteers who want to share their knowledge. Do you have expertise in topics related to fruit tree care or food preservation? Would you like to share your knowledge with the community?

TREE CARE: We are currently seeking workshop instructors for our 2015 Tree Care Workshop series. Topics include: Winter Pruning; Young Fruit Trees: Selection, Planting, & Care; Grafting; Pollinators; Spring Tree Care: Pest & Disease Management/Fruit Thinning;  Summer Pruning; and Fall Tree Care: Pest & Disease ID/Assessment. If you are interested in teaching or co-teaching a workshop on one of these topics, we would love to speak with you. Please contact Bob, bob[at] / 503-284-6106.

FOOD PRESERVATION: Our 2014 Food Preservation Workshop series is over. Over the years, our workshop series has included the following topics: Canning, Drying, Cold storage / cellaring, Jams and Jellies, Fruit Leather, Fermentation...  If you are interested in teaching a food preservation workshop in 2015, please contact nicole[at] / 503-284-6106. Previous teaching experience is a plus.

Join or lead a Tree Care Team

Join PFTP in increasing the health and abundance of urban fruit trees, while developing skills in organic tree care methods! Tree Care Teams are small groups of volunteers that care for fruit trees registered and harvested by PFTP. Each Tree Care Team is lead by one or two ‘Team Leaders’ with experience and skills in organic fruit tree care, who teach and guide the group. Each team is responsible for a cluster of trees in their area, visiting each tree once per season to complete the full spectrum of care throughout the year. Members and Leaders participate in ten 3-hour work-parties over an 11-month period (January-November). Topics/tasks include: Winter Pruning, Spring Pest & Disease Management, Fruit Thinning, Summer Pruning, Fall Clean-Up/Pest & Disease Assessment. Participants receive a certificate of completion.

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 Tree Care Teams program. You can find the position descriptions here for 2016 TCT Leader and TCT Member.

Internships (click here to be re-directed to the Jobs & Internships page):

Portland Fruit Tree Project hosts three to four interns per season. Internship focus varies depending on time of year, and current needs / activities. PFTP internships are generally unpaid. If you are interested in hearing about future internship opportunities, contact Bob (email bob[at] or call 503-284-6106).

For more information about these and other volunteer opportunities, please contact Bob Hatton: 503-284-6106,  bob[at]