Urban Harvests: Suspended For The 2017 Season

***Suspended For The 2017 Season ***

Urban Harvests take place in the yards of homeowners and renters in Portland who have registered their fruit trees with us and asked us to harvest them. Because these events take place on private property in residential neighborhoods, they are more intimate, and generally accommodate about a dozen people, in addition to the two volunteer Harvest Leaders who lead the event from start to finish. For most Urban Harvests, you will harvest fruit at two different homes in close proximity to each other.

In addition to harvesting fruit, you will also sort fruit at an Urban Harvest. The highest quality fruit will later be donated to a local food pantry, food bank, and/or health clinic CSA, while the remainder will be divided up amongst everyone in attendance. This “fruit share” all yours to take home, eat, preserve, cook, bake, and share as you like!

We welcome any and all adults who are able-bodied enough to walk across a lawn and stand for long periods of time while picking fruit. We provide ladders to help reach taller fruit, though it’s your choice whether you’d like to go up them or not. Children are also welcome, but must be supervised by an adult. Safety is our top priority!

Urban Harvests usually take place on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am-1pm, and Thursdays from 5-8pm (we move this one earlier as the days get shorter). We sometimes deviate from that a bit but you can check out the “Upcoming Events” menu button on the website for scheduling specifics.

Every event that we coordinate is an investment of our time and resources, from staff to volunteers to vehicles to tools and beyond. We work hard to find the best trees out there for harvest, so you can go home with delicious fruit while helping us prevent waste close to home. In exchange for a beautiful outdoor event experience, we ask harvest participants for a $5-$25 donation to help cover the costs of each harvest event, and support our future in continuing to bring Portlanders together through fruit.