Young Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes Available by Donation

Currently, PFTP is caring for a number of young fruit trees & shrubs that we are making available to the general public in exchange for a small donation (or possibly barter.) See below for the list of our current fruit trees, with the suggested donation amounts. If you are interested in donating to Portland Fruit Tree Project and picking up one of these trees, or have questions about the varieties and rootstocks, please contact Bob via email (bob[at] or call 503-284-6106. We will consider offers for barter on a case by case basis.



$8 donation - Apple trees in pots, grafted in Spring 2016

  • (1) Adams Pearmain on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (2) Arkansas Black on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Black Twig on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Blue Parmaine on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Cox's Orange Pippin on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Darcy Spice on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Holstein on M-26 (dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Holstein on M-7 (semi-dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Liberty on M-26 (dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Nova Easy-Gro on M-26 (dwarf) rootstock
  • (1) Nova Easy-Gro on M-111 (semi-dwarf) rootstock

$20 donation - Fig trees in 1/2 wine barrels (~ 3 yrs old)

  • (2) Negronne Fig