Sabin Community Orchard

Sabin Community Orchard was established in February of 2010 as a collaborative partnership between Portland Fruit Tree Project and Sabin Community Association. The orchard is located on a sloped public right-of-way at NE Mason Street between NE 18th and 19th Avenues. The property is owned by Portland Bureau of Transportation. Fourteen new fruit trees were planted in 2010 and 2011, to accompany two existing cherry trees and an apple tree. A community design charette in fall of 2010 (led by permaculturist Connie Van Dyke) engaged neighbors in brainstorming ideas and desires for the site.  In 2011 we established under-story plantings around each fruit tree, water catching swales along the slope, sheet mulch, edging, and signs at both entrances.

2012 marked the first year of the Sabin Orchard Steward program, installation of a trellis system on the northern edge of the orchard, our first harvesting event at the orchard, and another successful year of partnership with Sabin Community Association. In 2013, the Orchard Steward program doubled in size from 8 to 16. With the help of Whole Foods volunteers a stone pathway through the NE quadrant of the orchard was installed, and the orchard added 100+ pollinator friendly plants during the Spring Earth Day 'Work & Learn.' While there is much still to be done before the Orchard can provide bountiful harvests, the Sabin Community Orchard is already well on its way to becoming a hub of sustainability, recreation, and stewardship in Sabin.

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Sabin Community Orchard is located on a sloped public right-of-way at NE Mason Street between NE 18th and 19th Avenues.



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News & Events

Work parties have wrapped up for the year, but will start up again in March of 2015! They take place on the third Sunday of every month.

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