Portland Fruit Tree Project

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Portland Fruit Tree Project is a grass-roots non-profit organization that provides a community-based solution to hunger, food insecurity and lack of access to fresh, healthy produce. 

 “Somebody looking for connection and community would be very well served to check out the Portland Fruit Tree Project because that’s exactly what we do.” - Benjamin Whitestone, Longtime PFTP Volunteer & Supporter

Would you like to volunteer or support PFTP? Click here for ways to get involved.


August-Only Special: Orchard Banquets Double Date Discount

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Katy Kolker Named "Shining Star" of Oregon by Cooking Light Magazine

Cooking Light Magazine traveled across the country in search of shining stars in every state to produce…
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Help Us Bring Home the Harvest!

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You're Invited: First Orchard Banquet of the Season

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Register New Fruit Trees With Us

East Portland has the greatest need for fresh, local produce and also the least amount of fruit trees…
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Upcoming Events

  • 08-27-16. Fiesta de cosecha

  • 08-28-16. Gabriel Community Orchard Harvest Party

  • 08-28-16. Orchard Banquet

  • 08-30-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-01-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-03-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-05-16. Large Apple & Pear Orchard Harvest

  • 09-06-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-10-16. Bike-Powered Harvesting Party

  • 09-10-16. Fruits of Diversity Community Orchard Work Party: Harvest

  • 09-10-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-13-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-18-16. Orchard Banquet

  • 09-15-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-17-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-18-16. Sabin Community Orchard 'Work & Learn' Party:Work Party

  • 09-21-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-24-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-27-16. Harvesting Party

  • 09-29-16. Harvesting Party

  • 10-08-16. Fruits of Diversity Community Orchard Work Party:Fall Pest & Disease Management

  • 10-16-16. Sabin Community Orchard 'Work & Learn' Party: Fall Pest & Disease Management

  • 10-16-16. Orchard Banquet

  • 10-22-16. Gabriel Orchard Work Party :: Fall Tree Care

  • 10-22-16. Parkrose Community Orchard Work Party: Winter Orchard Prep

  • 11-12-16. Fruits of Diversity Community Orchard Work Party: Putting the Orchard to Bed for the Winter

  • 11-20-16. Sabin Community Orchard 'Work & Learn' Party: Putting the Orchard to Bed for the Winter